Finally, I get to tell you some dating stories.
The first man I called from the ‘ballenboekje’ gave this crazy project the best start I could wish for (remember that little book of phone numbers my friend put together for me during her wedding?). He loved the idea of going out on a date with a complete stranger. And so, on a warm Saturday in spring, we cycled to the beach on a tandem bike. Now, tandem biking is super fun, but somewhat weird when done with someone you’ve never met in person. Because, when on a tandem bike, you don’t actually get to see each other during this crucial ‘let’s get acquainted’-phase.. (well, one sees the other’s back and ass, but face – no). Anyway, there was plenty of time for looking at each other during the many (many) sunny hours we spent at the beach. Relaxed first date: check. On our second date we went to dinner, had wonderful conversation, good wine too, and parted with a sweet kiss.
A few days later I met a guy at a party to whom my body said ‘yes’ before my mind could even catch up. A week later we met by the Amstel river for games and drinks, it was fun and comfortable so I went along for the ride. Over the next weeks, the ride passed our bedrooms a couple of times and just as I figured I should get to know this person in my bed he said: “I think we should leave it at this.”
I didn’t mind too much because I soon stumbled upon magic with a beautiful soul. At first, the magic confused me. I hadn’t seen it coming and didn’t know what it meant. It was a new shade of grey. But I’ve never been one of those people who want to find out how a magic trick works. So, somewhat hesitantly, I allowed myself to be spellbound. Of course, now that the show is over I cannot help but blink my eyes and think: “wait, what just happened?”. The answer can only be “it’s magic..”
What do I take from all this? The idea that ‘when you open yourself to what you want, it will come’ sounds like a cliché for a reason. I don’t believe, however, that I have enough material for a bestseller yet. So to be continued.