It has been two weeks since I called out my date project. Spoiler alert: I haven’t been on any dates since. Indeed, no second date with the Kingsday-man. I asked him some questions for this blog -proper journalistic research- and then he realised he just couldn’t date a journalist. (Well, that may be an alternative fact but that’s acceptable journalism nowadays, right?)
I received many responses to my ‘First date’ blog. Reassurance that I wasn’t a complete idiot for feeling as awkward as I did. Apparently, many of us do. And advice, like to flirt with anyone and everyone by making eye contact on the street and smile at strangers. Surprisingly, that’s harder than I thought.
People told me date stories, like the one about the blind date in Venice. After meeting online and having had only a few conversations on the phone, my friend flew out to Venice to meet this guy she had never seen before. He kissed her upon arrival and they had a crazy two-day love affair along the Italian canals. Maybe there’s something to say for internet dating after all.
This past weekend I was masters of ceremonies at a wedding. The guest list contained 30 couples and three single ladies. We waved our hand at Beyoncé’s ‘Single ladies’ and shook our booty – not to seduce but to have fun (because girls just wanna). But despite the lack of single men, this wedding might just land me with a couple of dates..
The bride, whose mind works quite similarly to mine, had come up with a date project of her own. After my speech about how much I love the bride and groom she took the mic from me and told the party that I was single. (Naturally, there was a gasp of disbelief from the audience). She announced that she had made me a dance-card on which the wedding guests were to write phone numbers of the cutest, funniest, most intelligent single guy friends they knew. And boy were people serious about this. They wrote down names with comments like “look no further, this is the nicest guy and handsome too!” and “you won’t regret this one”. Some showed me pictures on their phone. One woman made me laugh by shouting out across the dance floor “Josephine! Will you be my sister in law?”
The bride (or P.I.M.P.?) is really excited about setting up dates for me. I wonder how these men will respond to being approached by an unknown married lady wanting them to go on a blind date with a stranger? I guess I’ll find out for the next blog.