Some people think I’ve been holidaying these past months. Although I like to think life is a holiday, I did work in Cape Town. One of my tasks with Ubuntu Academy Cape Town was to create website content.

I wrote about the end of the beginning, to announce we had come to the end of the academy’s two year pilot phase. To end this first phase well I conceptualised and implemented a mentorship programme, and we organised an amazing graduation camp. I also wrote about some events we organised like the mentor Meet&Greet, the student programme day, and the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival we got invited to.

One article I especially enjoyed writing recounts the day I met Ubuntu Academy’s students for the first time. With the team we spent the day driving through different townships to visit our students at home. Townships in South Africa are subject to many negative assumptions and stereotypes; reason enough to discover them for myself and of course find that there is so much more than meets the eye.

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