Chapter 1: Backpacking Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, getting used to living the free life.

Chapter 2: Dance workshops and nature parks in The United States.

Chapter 3: Working (as volunteer) and travelling in Malawi, Africa.

Chapter 4: Travelling and working (as volunteer) in South Africa.

I am currently reading the fourth chapter which, like preceding chapters, does not disappoint. It features interesting characters, is set in breath-taking nature and has exciting adventures that play out against a dramatic history.

Do you know that feeling of not wanting a good book to end? You see the right-hand side of the book thinning before your eyes and you vow to read more slowly but end up reading faster, curious as you are for the ending of this story that is now your story.

I am flying through the pages, but cannot yet guess how this story will end. Secretly I’m hoping for a sequel, or an epilogue, or a good afterword at least..